Pauline Lockhart

Quine of the Month Questions
How would you describe your current job and what do you like best about it?
I am a freelance Actor, Theatre Maker and Painter. I love the variety this brings, that every job can mean working in a different way with different people. I’d had the privilege

Audience feedback from Untaught to Shine

We asked the audiences that attended the two evening performances of Untaught to Shine for their feedback on the work, the experience and the venue. Here is a selection of their comments:
“Fabulous, celebratory, thought provoking, fun and great venue.”
“I loved it! Each piece was interesting, unique, moving and very memorable.

Pauline Lockhart: Dora Carrington’s portrait of Lytton Strachey #2

Okay, I’ve made a start on the face. I’m used to painting faces of people I know, and using my knowledge of the person, when painting their face. It’s really hard painting someone I don’t know at all. It’s so difficult to limit myself to just copying, I keep wanted

Pauline Lockhart: Dora Carrington’s portrait of Lytton Strachey #1

As part of my performance for Untaught to Shine, I wanted to be painting Dora Carrington’s portrait of Lytton Strachey. I decided to paint most of it in advance, then finish it off during the performances. So, I’ve made a start! I’m using the same size canvas as the original,

Untaught to Shine Blog – Victoria Beesley

Victoria Beesley

For some time now I have been frustrated by my own apathy. Feeling enfranchised but powerless, I can often be heard exclaiming, ‘But what can I do?’ at the end of frustrated rants.
So there was something about Caroline Norton that inspired me. Her portrait hangs in the Out of the

Ishbel McFarlane – ART FACT. Thoughts on her project for Untaught to Shine

A project which is women-focussed, promoting women on stage and women’s stories. A project which allows me to be writer and performer. A project which lets me collaborate closely with one of my closest creative buddies. A project which allows me to use my neologism collabormates with impunity and not