The List Film screened as part of Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

The List Film has been selected to be screened as part of this years Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. The Festival aims to support the arts and challenge preconceived ideas about mental health. As one of the world’s largest social justice festivals, with annual attendances of over 20,000, this year’s SMHAFF will see over 300 events staged throughout the country, including film, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts, of which we are delighted to be a part.

Tue 27th Oct
Craigmonie Centre
Glen Urquhart High School, Drumnadrochit, Inverness-shire IV63 6XA

Booking Info:
Free / Booking required
Booking: 01456 459 224

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Trail

Two up and coming festival screenings of The List Film

We’re delighted to announce that The List Film will be screened as part of both Dundee Women’s Festival on Friday 13th March and Glasgow Short Film Festival on Sunday 15th March.

Dundee Women’s Festival celebrates International Women’s Day, 2nd – 22nd March 2015 – being a woman, women’s diversity, women’s culture, women’s stories, women’s wisdom, women’s identities and women’s lives. The List Film screening as part of Women’s Film night will be followed by refreshments and a Question and Answer session with Artistic Director Muriel Romanes.

Glasgow Short Film Festival 11th – 15th March 2015 presents Scottish and International competition selections showcasing the cutting edge of new filmmaking, devouring the boundaries of filmmaking conventions. This screening of the film will be followed by a discussion between theatre and filmmakers about the opportunities for collaboration between these two art forms.

Behind the scenes The List film

16. Maureen What were they trying to achieve

15. Morag. You always want more

14. Morag. Main performance

13. Morag. Visually capture the essense

12. Rob. Music and sound effects Copy

11. Rob Flexible and Fiddly

10. Rob Music and sound effects

09. Michael Complexity is brilliant

08. Ian 5D cinematic

07. Morag Letting it breath

06. Morag Lighting changes

05. Muriel. A film of the stage production

04. Morag

03. Morag. Where Maureen looks

02. Morag. Strong performance

01. Morag. Powerful piece of work

A film in a film

The movie that the woman and Caroline go to the cinema to watch in The List Film is Séraphin:  Un Homme et Son Péché or Séraphin: Heart of Stone (2002).  Directed by Charles Binamé, starring Pierre Lebeau, Karine Vanasse, and Roy Dupuis and won a number of Jutra Awards and the Genie Golden Reel Award.  The script for the film is based on a novel by Claude-Henri Grignon, a Canadian novelist, journalist and politician who was born in Québec.

Séraphin is quintessentially Québeçois.  The film is set in a small Québec community at the end of the 19th century. Due to her father’s financial hardships, Donalda is forced to marry the village miser (also the mayor) Séraphin Poudrier. In doing so she has to leave behind Alexis, the young man she truly loves. Donalda lives a life of misery and poverty with her elderly husband until she sickens and dies.