4**** Broadway Baby

a complex and moving story with a compelling performance throughout.

#tremblaytrilogy FAQs

Do I need to see the Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy plays in order?

The simple answer is no. Each play picks up themes from the others and the stories are interconnected, but each can be appreciated on their own and in any order. We scheduled the plays so that you can see

What people are saying about The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy…

What a well crafted & powerful conclusion to #TremblayTrilogy by @Stellarquines was today! When acted this well, no tricks needed. #edfringe
Jennifer #TremblayTrilogy by @Stellarquines, brilliantly performed by Maureen Beattie – extremely powerful theatre, beautifully written.

Gillian – edfringe.com Public Reviews (The List)
“After seeing this I immediately booked tickets for

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Did you see The List or The Carousel? We are looking for friends of Stellar Quines who saw one or both of these shows to come and film a Vox Pop for us over the next couple of weeks ahead of our Fringe run

Festival fever begins!

The sun is out and we currently have piles of programmes on our desks, which can only mean one thing, festival season is upon us!  Here at Stellar Quines HQ we’re busily preparing for our part in this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe – the presentation of Jennifer Tremblay’s Trilogy of

The voices of three generations

The voices of three generations – grandmother, mother and daughter – are given breath in this poignant and emotional story by stellar actor, Maureen Beattie.