Conscientious Objectors In Their Own Words

Before the First World War there had never been compulsory military service in Britain. The first Military Service Bill was passed into law in January 1916 following the failure of recruitment schemes to gain sufficient volunteers in 1914 and 1915.
There were approximately 16,000 British men on record as conscientious objectors

An insight into a true family story at the heart of The 306:Day

GERTRUDE FARR was 99 when she died and for most of her years she kept a shocking secret from even her closest family.
Her husband, Harry, was executed for cowardice during the First World War.
Now Gertrude’s struggle in the aftermath is being played out on stage in The 306: Day.
And her

Four star reviews in for The 306: Day

The Scotsman– Four Stars:
“although there have been many shows created in memory of the Great War over the past three years, I can’t recall one so possessed by the urgent sense that however much has changed, the world of these women is the same one we still inhabit today.”
The Herald–

The 306: Day – 4 Stars The Scotsman

“The music and song is sometimes almost overwhelming, the movement eloquent, the cast so fiercely committed to the story that they glow with a kind of angry incandescence.”

Finding out more about The 306: Day at Glasgow Women’s Library

Our Producer Rebecca visited Glasgow Women’s Library last weekend to hear more about the characters in The 306:Day, their stories and the context for the experiences of women in WW1 from a panel including by feminist, historian and writer Dr Lesley Orr, the play’s writer Oliver Emanuel and composer Gareth Williams.
The work of