Edinburgh Guide Rehearsal Room 26 Review

“There is an earthy and lyrical feel to this piece, still in its early stages, that immediately draws you in.”
Justine Blundell, Edinburgh Guide

Rehearsal Room part of development focus at Traverse

This November Stellar Quines’ 26th Rehearsal Room, featuring Molly Innes, Pauline Lockhart and Lynda Radley features as part of the Traverse’s commitment to work in progress.
From the 10th – 14th November, audience feedback is welcomed as part of the development of new work through both the Traverse’s Hothouse, and Stellar Quines’ Rehearsal Room

Music for Rehearsal Rooms – Little Forks and The Dark Twin

Catriona McKay of Strange Rainbow has kindly shared some of her beautiful music with us, in readiness for our up and coming Rehearsal Room 25 with Rebecca Sharp. Catriona will be working with Rebecca and Muriel during the Rehearsal Room process and performing live during the evenings open rehearsals. Her

Extracts from Little Forks and The Dark Twin

Rebecca Sharp's typewriter

Rebecca Sharp is hard at work on the scripts for Little Forks and The Dark Twin, which she’ll be presenting at our up and coming Rehearsal Room at the end of October.
She’s kindly sent us some exclusive extracts of the work to give a flavour of what to expect – enjoy!

Rehearsal Room 22

Stellar Quines has been awarded a Heritage Lottery All Our Stories grant to run Knit Two Together, a project championing the female stories behind the Border’s knitting and textiles industries.  As part of this project playwright Sylvia Dow has created Threads, a new play inspired by research, oral history and local knitting circles. Tonight Stellar Quines presents Threads as