The Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship: 2017 Fellows announced

We are delighted to see Nalini Paul on the list of the 2017 Robert Louis Stevenson Fellows whose play Beyond the Mud Walls we recently supported through Rehearsal Rooms. Nalini will be working on her first full collection of poetry weaving in elements of her life in India, Canada and Scotland

New Writing from Molly Innes and Nalini Paul in Rehearsal Room 27

Stellar Quines showcase works in progress at the Traverse from Molly Innes and Nalini Paul. Join our writers and directors to experience a 10 strong cast of Scottish female actresses in a Tremblay play translated into Scots, and a weaving of poetry and Indian Dance that challenges notions of race, giving

Lu Kemp

How would you describe your current role and what do you like best about it?
Part-producer-part-creative-part-administrator-part-writer. Or at least that’s how I am feeling this morning. What makes me feel extraordinarily lucky to be able to make a living out of this is the breadth of people I get to meet