The View from Castle Rock choir recordings

Composer Pippa Murphy has provided us with a few snippets from the beautiful recording of the Castle Chorus, singing traditional songs and psalms for The View from Castle Rock.
Please enjoy!

Rosa Duncan – notes from the rehearsal room – a time to focus!

Week two is over and we are hurtling towards technical rehearsals. After a week of staggering through – stopping to work into scenes, adding detail and interrogating the intentions of the characters – we are now confident of an overarching narrative of the piece.
1st August almost 200 years ago, our

Composer Pippa Murphy shares sound for The Air that Carries the Weight

Rebecca Sharp’s new play The Air that Carries the Weight layers reality and fantasy through immersive writing, design, lighting and original sound by Pippa Murphy.
Pippa has shared two examples of the evocative sound used in the piece:

Corrina Hewat – Harp
Pippa Murphy – Piano
Sandra MacKay – Gaelic Voice

Pippa Murphy

How would you describe your current job and what do you like best about it?
I’m a Composer, Sound Designer, arranger and lecturer. I work with many different people in many different art forms. I love the variety of projects I work on, and the diversity of the people I work