Lilian Ptáček & Poppy Nash – Unruly Methods

Lilian Ptacek portrait in studio

Unruly Methods is an investigation into how clothing has been used by women as a form of political activism to challenge the patriarchy and advance women’s rights. Artists Lilian Ptáček and Poppy Nash will research activist clothing from key moments of the discourse on gender equality, from the Suffragettes to today.

Annie George – Document

Document will use as its starting point the stories told in one family of South Indian origin, now living in Scotland. Four women, across four generations provide the stimulus for a performance piece told from an alternative cultural perspective and one that explores aspects of the changing roles and aspirations

Rosa Duncan & Rebecca Sweeney – Heating the Ink

Rosa Duncan and Rebecca Sweeney will undertake a research and development week for a new play. Their project for Make Do & Mend intends to explore the gendered experiences of patients within mainstream medicine. They will ask how the language associated with invisible illnesses (particularly those of women) affects the

Alice Mary Cooper – The Woman in the Box

Theatre maker Alice Mary Cooper will write and create her debut podcast focused on the herstory of two incredible but forgotten women. Utilising research and stories Alice uncovered in 2015 while making The Box (a piece of social history theatre), she will make a programme centred on the fascinating stories

Make Do & Mend

Stellar Quines are offering a new talent development opportunity. We are offering at least five artists up to £2000 to develop a new work in any artform that responds to different themes and provocations. Read more