The Fair Intellectual Club – Radio Four Recordings

The first of two recordings of new scripts of The Fair Intellectual Club by Lucy Porter featuring new adventures with our three young ladies took place at The Scottish Storytelling Centre on Sunday 24 January. The original cast of Caroline Deyga, Jessica Hardwick and Samar MacLaren, were joined by Gordon

Lucy Porter on The Fair Intellectuals

How much have things really changed for women in the last 300 years?
We asked the talented writer of The Fair Intellectual Club, Lucy Porter why she was inspired to write her first play about The Fair Intellectuals….this is what she said….

Meet our first modern day Fair Intellectual – Prof Robert Crawford

To support our current tour of The Fair Intellectual Club by Lucy Porter we have invited a selection of modern day Fair Intellectuals to share their thoughts and insights on their area of expertise. We’ll be sharing their responses with you over the coming weeks. 
Our first modern day Fair Intellectual is

Lucy Porter

What is it like being a female stand up comedian and how do you survive the touring circuit?
From my teens I was obsessed with stand-up comedy, and from the moment I did my first gig I was hooked. There weren’t many women on the comedy circuit when I started out,

New Year News

The Fair Intellectual Club image

As the festive season approaches we’re preparing for exciting developments in the New Year. Stellar Quines are supporting Director Marilyn Imrie in an application to Creative Scotland to re-stage and tour the incredibly successful The Fair Intellectual Club by Lucy Porter, in Feb/March 2015.
The Fair Intellectual Club, first presented by the