The Herald – new musical comedy Bingo! deserves a full house

LAST week’s unprecedented snowmaggedon may have caused Edinburgh to resemble a ghost town in what was pretty much a locked-down country, with shops and schools closing early, and public transport at a minimum. Anyone frequenting Meadowbank retail park, however, will be aware that at least one institution remained open for business. That was the local bingo hall, whose regular patrons can be found day and night taking a breather in-between games, usually shrouded in a fug of cigarette smoke. Read more

Scottish Field – TV stars to tour in new Scottish stage comedy

Two Scottish theatre companies are collaborating in new musical comedy which is touring the country.

Grid Iron and Stellar Quines theatre companies come together to create Bingo!, a new musical comedy empowering women, writes Stacey Wylie.

Starring both stage and screen names including Louise McCarthy from ScotSquad and Two Doors Down, Wendy Seagar, Barbara Rafferty from River City and Rab C Nesbitt, Jo Freer, Darren Brownlie and Still Game’s Isa, Jane McCarry, Bingo! includes an original soundtrack by Alan Penman. Read more

Evening News – House! From bingo hall to Assembly Hall

EYES down for a full house… Every week more than two million women pour into local bingo halls across the UK, each hoping for that all elusive life-changing call.

Daniella’s one of those women. Except she isn’t just hopeful. She’s desperate. She needs Lady Luck to smile down on her tonight. She’s done a bad thing. No, a really bad thing and if her card doesn’t have those winning numbers, she’s going to have to resort to desperate measures. That’s the premise of Bingo!, Read more

Joyce McMillan meets the team behind new comedy musical Bingo!

The team behind new musical drama Bingo!, about a group of women hoping their numbers come up, are aiming to hit the jackpot themselves Bring together Grid Iron Theatre, Edinburgh’s brilliant specialists in site-specific performance, and Stellar Quines, Scotland’s top theatre company led by and focused on women, and what might you expect them to come up with? A show with a strong awareness of the spaces in which human beings live out the drama of their lives, certainly; and one, maybe, which looks at a place where women gather, and men – with a few exceptions – do not. Read more

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