Jemima Levick

Artistic Director & CEO

As Artistic Director and Chief Executive Jemima decides what the artistic programme of the company will be and works closely with the Producer to produce the business strategy. She is keen to provide opportunities for women and girls looking to work in theatre and is a strong advocate of gender equality within the arts. Read more

Adela Martinez – behind the scenes at the auditions

My behind the scenes view of audition day.
During the last 2 weeks, I had the opportunity to go back to Glasgow for the Stellar Quines/Grid Iron auditions for Bingo!
Bingo! Is a new comedy musical that has been written by Johnny McKnight and Anita Vettese. It’s very funny – so I’m

Bingo! Week three with the Quines.

Meet Adela who is spending a few months with us here at Stellar Quines as an intern. We asked her to share with you some of her experiences while working with the Quines. Last week was very interesting for her…
Last week, I had the opportunity to go to Glasgow to