The Voice behind the Stage: An Interview with Erin McGee

Earlier this year, Ivy Z.A. Edwards joined Stellar Quines for a work placement. During her time with us she has produced articles and interviews which we will be sharing on our blog in the coming weeks. Here she interviews Erin McGee who, in addition to being Stellar Quines Company Administrator,

CALL OUT FOR SUBMISSIONS – Letters To… the Woman in Charge.

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Stellar Quines would like you to write a letter to a woman in charge.

Who is the first woman who springs to your mind?
How do you feel about them?
Do you feel angry with them?
Grateful to them?

Whether it is your boss, Nicola Sturgeon, or yourself, we would like you to write a letter anywhere from 1 word to 1000 words for the third instalment of our Letters To… series where we select one letter, film it with a professional actor and share it with the world. Read more

Erin McGee

Company Administrator

As company administrator of Stellar Quines, Erin’s role is to make sure the day to day office tasks are completed, assists in creative productions administratively and keeps the office running as smoothly as possible, along with providing additional support to her colleagues when this is needed.
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