Rosa Duncan – notes from the rehearsal room – a time to focus!

Week two is over and we are hurtling towards technical rehearsals. After a week of staggering through – stopping to work into scenes, adding detail and interrogating the intentions of the characters – we are now confident of an overarching narrative of the piece.
1st August almost 200 years ago, our

Rosa Duncan – notes from the rehearsal room – end of week one!

Our first week is over!
With the festival just days away, we are beginning to see the sight of technical rehearsals in the distance.
Our story begins in the Ettrick Valley in the lowlands of Scotland 200 years ago. Our characters then undertake an enormous journey, climbing aboard a large ship with

Rosa Duncan – notes from the rehearsal room

Our cast have arrived. We are ready to set sail.
Today we began our voyage into the text of The View From Castle Rock.
My name is Rosa Duncan. I am the assistant director joining the team on this special production. I am a Glasgow-based director. As an artist, joining this

Faith Liddell

How would you describe the work that you do?
Basically, it’s all about collaboration. I work with the 12 major festivals in Edinburgh on their joint strategic ambition working across programme investment, international working, marketing, innovation and environmental practice. In order to this, we collaborate in turn with a whole range