Stellar Quines presents ANA in 3D at DCA

Productions (Image: Tristan Brand)

Stellar Quines presents ANA in 3D – a first for theatre and film
Stellar Quines is proud to be the first theatre company that has recorded a live performance of a theatre production in 3D.
The first cinema screening of this unique recording will take place on Saturday 8 June at 1pm

ANA’s Journey

At the fork in the road, ANA takes both paths…click on the markers below to see where she ends up.

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ANA funders, sponsors and supporters

UK/Scottish Funders

Canadian/Quebec and Montreal Government

Canadian corporations & foundations

Zeller Family

Supported by:

The Peggy Ramsay Foundation
The Anne Herd Memorial Trust

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Accommodation in Edinburgh has been supported by Edinburgh Holiday Lets.
Thanks to Adriana Hausvater and the writers and actors of the National

ANA in 3D

Can 3D film offer an artistic and commercially viable experience of live theatre?
This is the question Stellar Quines has been grappling with through our project to create a 3D recording of a live theatre performance – a first for Scottish theatre and film!
Brief summary of the project to date
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