In the aftermath of the reports and allegations that have swept across the media this month and shone a bright and uncomfortable light on our industry, we have been deep in conversation about how best to respond. Because we want to respond, with the sector, for what we believe in and what our company stands for on behalf of women and girls.

As the stories have unfolded and colleagues across the performing arts landscape have added their voices of support to those who have been brave enough to speak out and those who are not able to, we have sought to find a response that respected that bravery and the incredible complexity of the issue.

We acknowledge that we cannot fix this alone and stand with colleagues across the UK who are collectively and publically pledgingto make clear that there can be no place for sexual harassment or abuse of power in our industry.’ and developing an industry-wide code of behaviour to prevent sexual harassment and abuse.

We recognise the need for leadership from within the Scottish theatre sector and are working alongside industry partners to make things happen, uniting together to instigate change. This includes supporting both the Federation of Scottish Theatre’s statement and their development of shared policies and clear, practical guidance.

As a theatre company who exists to celebrate, provoke, empower and inspire we would like to invite you to:

  • JOIN our #Respectis campaign. Share up to 3 words, in text, sound, film or images, anyway you prefer, which sum up what RESPECT means to you. Tag your posts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #Respectis to join a collective response to the bravery of disclosure seen through #Metoo to make a statement about what behaviours we expect and demand. We will use your words of hope as an inspiration for our next steps as an industry and a movement.
  • CREATE a vision of an alternative world in which women really get to shape their own reality: as artists, as leaders, as lovers. ANSWERS ON A POSTCARD [deadline 5th December] invites you to help shape this world through your ideas.
  • READ news articles, projects and events. We will bring together as many news articles, events, resources and contacts as we can.

We each have our individual experiences and responses to #MeToo. We hope you’ll join us in imagining collectively what change could and should look like.

The Quines