Where are the women? An analysis of women in creative roles across theatre in Scotland in 2014/2015 by Christine Hamilton

The report includes an outline of what was done, the assumptions made, an analysis of the data and the conclusions for theatre in Scotland that can be drawn from this. It also outlines the position of Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government on this issue.

In 2014/15, in Scottish publically funded theatres:
▪ 39% of creative roles across all categories went to women.
▪ 38% of theatre companies had women in artistic leadership roles.
▪ 4 out of 24 theatre companies were artistically led solely by women.
▪ Women were cast in 46% of the 811 roles.
▪ Women made up 47% of directors of shows.
▪ Women wrote 39% of the plays.
▪ 29% of set and costume designers and 6% of lighting designers were women.
▪ Women made up 11% of composers, musical directors and sound designers.

This information was gathered from 24 theatre companies and included 1698 roles.

The data gathering and analysis was carried out entirely by voluntary effort by Christine Hamilton. Neither the Scottish Government nor Creative Scotland gathers this information.

Where are the Women? Full Report