Stellar Quines is committed to supporting research relating to gender equality in the Scottish theatre industry.

In 2010, Stellar Quines commissioned research into Gender in Scottish Theatre resulting in the Calm Down Dear! report. Read more about Calm Down Dear! and download the full report below.

In 2016, we supported Christine Hamilton’s original Where are the women? report analysing women in creative roles in Scottish Theatre in 2014/15. Find out more about the report.

In 2020, we commissioned Christine Hamilton to repeat her research for the year 2019/20. Find out how the results compared.

“History: theatre started as a male-only profession and the imbalances of the Jacobean stage have never been subsumed. Nor have women ever been allowed to dominate history, which theatre tends to reflect.” – Participant: Gender in Scottish Theatre research project

Calm Down Dear! Stellar Quines & Gender in Scottish Theatre

Stellar Quines Theatre Company was established in 1993 to facilitate the creative work of women in Scottish theatre.

In 2010, in response to changes in the social and political landscape since the company was founded, Stellar Quines decided to undertake a research project that would help interrogate its remit and investigate attitudes to both the company and gender in Scottish theatre more generally. In doing so the project was intended to help re-focus the organisation and its direction.

“When it comes to main stage shows, male actors in speaking parts normally outnumber women by about two to one, if not more.” – Participant: Scot-Nits debate on Gender in Scottish Theatre

In February 2010 Stellar Quines commissioned Phase One of the project, a piece of desk-based research, undertaken by consultant Lisa Kapur. The aim of this phase was to review secondary data related to gender in the performing arts and also assess the output of a series of Scottish building-based and touring companies in 1993 and 2009. This snapshot of two typical Scottish theatre seasons 18 years apart explored to what extent women were represented as directors, writers, actors, lighting, set and costume designers and composers/music directors and was intended as stimulus material for the Phase Two research.

“The idea that feminism is over, and that women now enjoy fully equal opportunities in our society, is a reactionary myth.” – Participant: Scot-Nits debate on Gender in Scottish Theatre

Phase Two of the research, undertaken by consultant Jane Hogg, commenced in April 2011. It involved consultation with, and a survey of, a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations that had a relationship with Stellar Quines, or were relevant to the work of the company. It also involved those who may not have had an existing relationship with the company, but did have an interest or opinion on the future priorities for the development of women in Scottish theatre. This phase also included a lively debate on Scot-Nits, an established online forum for professional practitioners within Scottish Theatre.

Once both phases of the project were completed in December 2011, Stellar Quines added its own observations. The final report, Calm Down Dear! Stellar Quines Theatre Company & Gender in Scottish Theatre, and related appendices, can be downloaded below.

Thanks to Creative Scotland for the financial support to undertake this project under its former incarnation as the Scottish Arts Council (Equalities Department).