Pauline Lockhart

Dora Carrington (1893 – 1932)

I have chosen the painter Dora Carrington, whose portrait of Lady Strachey is part of the, Out of the Shadow exhibition in Gallery Nine, as the inspiration for my piece. As a painter myself, I wanted to choose a woman artist as my inspiration and there was something in Carrington’s work which immediately drew me.

Portrayed four times in literature, including as a tiny sex therapist by Wyndham Lewis in, The Apes of God, and by D. H. Lawrence as the small, delicate and manipulative, Minnette Darrington in Women in Love, she was a truly modern woman, who could intrigue, delight and also irritate those around her. Described as, “the most neglected serious painter of her time”, by Sir John Rothstein, former Director of the Tate in London, it wasn’t until 1970, thirty eight years after her death, that she had her first exhibition. She is still mainly remembered for her 17 year devotion to the Bloomsbury Group poet, Lytton Strachey.

Using Carrington as my inspiration, I want to explore the act of painting, what drives an artist to create and what happens when that drive is taken away.

Thank you to artists, Stephanie Rew and Audrey Grant, who shared their own personal experience of painting, in the recordings used in the piece.

Pauline Lockhart

As an actress, Pauline has worked with some of the UK’s leading theatre companies including Manchester Royal Exchange, Hampstead Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Improbable Theatre, National Theatre Scotland, Stellar Quines Theatre Company, Suspect Culture, Royal Lyceum Edinburgh, The Tron Theatre, Communicado Theatre Co, Grid Iron, Thickskin Theatre Co and The Traverse Theatre. Her TV appearances include Case Histories, How Not To Live Your Life, Casualty, Monarch Of The Glen, Holby City (BBC), The Glass, Heartless (ITV). Her film appearances include Strictly Sinatra and Gladiatress and she has featured in various plays for BBC Radio Scotland, Radio 3 and 4.

Pauline’s awards include Best Supporting Actress – TMA Awards – and Best Supporting Actress – Manchester Evening News Awards – for An Experiment with an Airpump at Manchester’s Royal Exchange. As a painter, Pauline has had two exhibitions of her portraits of Scottish Actors, Writers and Directors.