Stellar Quines has undertaken a considerable amount of work and research around the potentials of digital technologies for the company. The intentions of which are to make our work more accessible and achieve a greater audience reach than previously possible.

The three key areas of development are:

  • artistic development: experimenting with how digital technology might enhance and develop existing ways of creating live theatre
  • audience development: to extend the reach and engagement of the company with current and new audiences
  • business development: to develop new business models with the aim of extending the life of live productions and delivering work in new ways

To date this work has involved a number of projects and experiments.

Live Streaming 
Stellar Quines has been experimenting with the potentials of live streaming our regular Rehearsal Rooms including both part of the actual rehearsals and all of the evening readings.

In January 2012 we live streamed a rehearsed reading of The List,  a script which went to full production that summer. Two hours of the rehearsal and the whole of the evening reading were live streamed and this enabled Québec writer Jennifer Tremblay and translator Shelley Tepperman to see their work developed and performed. They also took part in the after show discussion via Skype.

In November 2012 we live streamed part of the rehearsal and all of the evening readings of extracts from Island by Laura Ruohonen, and 13 Sunken Years by Paula Salminen, both translated by Eva Buchwald. This event was in partnership with Lung Ha’s Theatre Company.  This time we gave online audiences a choice of cameras through which to watch the event online.

In addition to making our work available to anyone anywhere, live streaming is also paving the way for Stellar Quines to work with women playwrights and creatives around the world. We also record everything we live stream which provides us with lots of good quality content to promote the play with if it goes to full production, either through Stellar Quines or another company, as well as archive our work.

Theatre filmed in 3D
Can 3D film offer an artistic and commercially viable experience of live theatre?

This is the question Stellar Quines grappled with through our project to create a 3D recording of a live theatre performance – a first for Scottish theatre and film! Full details of this project can be found on website for ANA, the show we conducted the experiment on.

Film versions of the company’s theatre productions 
Stellar Quines is researching ways the company can create recorded versions of live theatre that are films in their own right.

Our first exploration is a film of our award winning production The List. Stellar Quines worked with  Edinburgh Napier’s Institute for Creative Industries  / Screen Academy Scotland to create a film of the show. For more information see:

Funding and support to achieve this work to date has been awarded to Stellar Quines by AmbITion  (a programme of change for the arts and cultural sector), Scottish Enterprise,  the British Council, a Business Innovation Exchange voucher and follow on innovation funding from the Scottish Funding Council via Edinburgh Napier University.