Letters to… is a quarterly writing opportunity where we invite you to write a letter in response to a theme. We choose one which is then performed by a professional actor, filmed and shared on Stellar Quines’ website and social media.

Letters to…Women of the Future

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day Stellar Quines invited submissions in response to the provocation ‘Women of the Future’.

The chosen letter, written by Jassy Earl, is an intimate and familial letter. ‘To Isobelle…’ is a beautiful and poignant portrayal of a relationship changing through age.

Letters to… My Coven

Letters to…My Coven was chosen to explore the ways in which we connect with one another; the modern day feminist magic which interconnects women around the world.

We had an incredible number of letters to choose from, but Finola Scott‘s letter to her coven stood out as being pertinent to the political landscape, not just within Scotland, but within the world, and highlights a need to be connected in a time of political, social and economic uncertainty.

Letters to… My Body Hair

Letters to…My Body Hair was chosen to celebrate body hair. Whether it’s the absence of, or the abundance of, we wanted to hear about it.

We received a wide range of letters, many hilarious and lots poetic in their content.

The letter chosen was from Karla Ptacek whose letter, we felt, fully encompassed the journey of body hair.

Letters to… the Woman in Charge

Letters to…the Woman in Charge was chosen to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, at a time when it’s imperative that we’re looking outward at the world we live in.

The letter chosen was from Dorothy Bruce who addressed her letter to Theresa May. Dorothy’s letter has spark, energy and is an important declaration in our current political climate.

Letters to… my period

Everyone has a period story, but we don’t often share them openly. ‘Letters to my period’ was an opportunity for anyone to tell us their story and for it to be shared with the ambition of encouraging conversation about periods, and the many connecting issues, from period poverty to reproductive health and wellbeing.

Stellar Quines filmed Kerri Clarence‘s letter to her period which talks about their relationship from their first meeting to motherhood and the feelings and experiences that follow. We launched on  International Women’s Day. Unfortunately, the full video is no longer available but you can watch the trailer below.

Letters to…. a woman who brings me hope in the dark 

This was an opportunity to tell us about someone who gives you the energy and determination to keep on going, whatever your struggle is and however they encourage you. Rosie Priest wrote a beautiful and moving letter that addressed an issue that so many women face with hard decisions to make for themselves and their children.