Rehearsal Room Number 25

28 & 29 October, 2014
Traverse Theatre

Join Stellar Quines Theatre Company and writer Rebecca Sharp for our 25th Rehearsal Room, a space where new scripts and new writers are presented to a live audience for the first time.

Themes of Scottish history, archaeology, dreams and embeddedness link the two works. Little Forks is about a brother and sister revisiting a childhood holiday cottage in Tighnabruaich and unearthing a violent incident from their past. The Dark Twin will elaborate on the theme of duality developed in Little Forks.  Sharp will create a contemporary, original single-performer narrative exploring themes of conflict; past and present; action and reaction; fate and intentionality; set around the inheritance of a friend’s house.  Through this story, the play will also explore the life and work of Scottish writer and archaeologist Marion Campbell and her novel The Dark Twin.  Key features of both works will be the intertwining of reality and fantasy and the exploration of layers – through the use of English and Gaelic, set design, lighting and visuals.  Crucially, brand new musical scores will create unique ‘voices’ for the worlds of both plays – by Catriona McKay/Strange Rainbow.

The team will be working on Little Forks on Tuesday, 28 October, with a reading and feedback session in the evening, at 7.30pm, whilst on Wednesday, 29 October, they’ll be working on The Dark Twin with a reading and feedback session that same evening at 7.30pm.

“What Sharp has created is a grave, powerful and richly contemporary event…brave enough to bring these two mighty languages alongside one another. It should be seen across Scotland” Joyce MacMillan, The Scotsman

Age Rating 12+

Supported by the Tom McGrath Trust

Creative Team

  • Writer: Rebecca Sharp
  • Director: Muriel Romanes


  • Neve McIntosh
  • Richard Conlon



Rebecca Sharp participated this year in Stellar Quines’ first Quick & Dirty – Untaught to Shine, where emerging female practitioners created site specific work in The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, inspired by the collections. Rebecca has previously written work for, and collaborated with musicians and composers including Mr McFall’s Chamber and Aillie Robertson and Philip Jeck.