Rehearsal Room Number 17

25-26 January 2012
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

The Chelsea Belladonna by Anna Carlisle, The List by Jennifer Tremblay, translated by Shelley Tepperman


  • The Chelsea Belladonna – Maureen Beattie, Andy Clark
  • The List – Maureen Beattie


  • 25 January – Rehearsed reading of The Chelsea Belladonna. Directed by Muriel Romanes.
  • 26 January – Rehearsed reading of The List. Directed by Muriel Romanes.


The Chelsea Belladonna
A play about the botanical illustrator Elizabeth Blackwell, who began life in Aberdeen in 1707, but whose working life was centred on the Chelsea Physic Garden in London where she worked under the patronage of Sir Hans Sloane. Working initially for reasons of expediency – to free her husband Alexander from debtors’ prison – her work swiftly became her own passion.

The List
An isolated mother of three attempts to establish order over chaos through her obsessive maintenance of to-do lists. The celebrated Québec dramatist, Jennifer Tremblay, unfolds a riveting tale of the dire consequences the day this busy woman accidentally overlooks an item on her list.


Future Productions

The Chelsea Belladonna was produced as a touring outdoor promenade production in summer 2012 by Square Peg Productions in collaboration with Stellar Quines and Scotland’s Gardens.

The List was produced by Stellar Quines in summer 2012. Full production details can be found on Stellar Quines’ microsite for The List: