Rehearsal Room Number 14

13-15 November 2008
Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Everything I Do is a Love Letter to Life by Sally Hobson, A Live Bird in the Mouth by Jeanne-Mance Delisle (translated into Scots by Martin Bowman), Age of Arousal by Linda Griffiths.


  • Everything I Do is a Love Letter to Life – Rebecca Green, Alex Hetherington, Nick Underwood
  • A Live Bird in the Mouth – Robert Jack, Louise Ludgate, Grant O’Rourke
  • Age of Arousal – Jennifer Black, Rebecca McQuillan, Greg Powrie, Vari Sylvester, Joanna Tope, Samantha Young


  • 13 November – Rehearsed reading of Everything I Do is a Love Letter to Life. Directed by Sally Hobson.
  • 14 November – Rehearsed reading of A Live Bird in the Mouth. Directed by Muriel Romanes. Assistant Director Eleanor Rhode.
  • 15 November – Rehearsed reading of Age of Arousal. Directed by Linda Griffiths. Assistant Director Catrin Evans.


Rehearsal Room 14 was the first Rehearsal Room to take place wholly in Glasgow and was held at Tron Theatre over the course of three days.

Everything I Do is a Love Letter to Life is a performance piece that had at that time been in development for five years. In some part directly inspired by Alessandro Baricco’s novella Silk and in other ways by the study of performance, belief systems and religious rituals, the play explores the notion that illusion is inherent in the mind of the human being. This play was read as part of Rehearsal Room 8 in 2004 in a previous incarnation named Silk.

A Live Bird in the Mouth is a violent love story unfolding in a house built in the midst of the winds.

Age of Arousal is about one of the greatest periods of change for women in the history of the western world. In 1885 Mary Barfoot, an ex-militant suffragette, runs a school for secretaries with her beloved Rhoda. The school’s invasion by three spinster sisters and a charismatic cad creates a catalyst for political, sexual and emotional explosion. Age of Arousal is wildly based on George Gissing’s 1893 novel The Odd Woman and examines forbidden Victorian desires on the brink of explosion.


Future Productions

Age of Arousal was produced by Stellar Quines in the spring of 2011.