Rehearsal Room Number 12

22-24 November 2007
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

The West Wind Drift by Jan Natanson, Hannah and Murdo by Lavinia Murray, Home Street by Clare Duffy


  • The West Wind Drift – Romana Abercromby, Jonathan Holt, Pauline Lockhart, Ian MacRae, Alexandra Mathie, Christine Moffat, Henry Pettigrew, Greg Powrie
  • Hannah and Murdo – Romana Abercromby, Carol Ann Crawford, Janette Foggo, Ian MacRae, Matthew McVarish, Henry Pettigrew
  • Home Street – Eric Barlow, Sarah Belcher, Gergo Danka, Pauline Lockhart, Alexandra Mathie


  • 22 November – Rehearsed reading of The West Wind Drift. Directed by Muriel Romanes.
  • 23 November – Rehearsed reading of Hannah and Murdo. Directed by Rosie Kellagher.
  • 24 November – Rehearsed reading of Home Street. Directed by Paul Warwick.


Three new plays took their first steps in development before a live audience as part of Rehearsal Room 12.

West Wind Drift
Along a coastline battered by the cruel North Sea, the characters in these interweaving stories struggle to find a way to live, to love and to connect. They strive to feel in control of elements of their life and to make meaningful patterns of events but find that there are times when we are all adrift on uncharted oceans.

Hannah and Murdo
Based on real letters sent between 1920 and 1950, Hannah and Murdo documents a doomed love affair between a motorbike-riding Highland shepherd and the daughter of a crofting family with brothers in the Masonic Lodge.

Home Street
A site-specific performance about the theatre of everyday life that uses the local environment of Home Street, Edinburgh as inspiration and setting. The play moves from the real Home Street to the Traverse stage, focusing on five fictional characters and an everyday tragedy that brings passers by together.