Rehearsal Room Number 11

7-9 December 2006
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, The Hawthornden Lecture Theatre at the National Galleries of Scotland on the Mound.

Baby Baby by Vivian French, The Girl Who Insisted She Wasn’t by Ariadne Cass, Women on the Brink, an international collaboration between the National Theatre of Timisoara – Romania, Imago Theatre Company Montreal – Canada and Stellar Quines, and The Gallery, a cross art form project and partnership between the National Galleries of Scotland, City of Edinburgh Council Children and Families – Arts and Learning and David Hughes Dance Company.

Supported by The Peggy Ramsay Foundation.


  • Baby Baby – Lorna Craig, Kirsty Wood
  • The Girl Who Insisted She Wasn’t – Paula Burnett, Jacqui Chan, Gergo Danka, Emun Elliott, Joyce Galugbo, Lorna Gayle, John McKinney, Laura Molyneux, Tommy Joe Mullins, Malcolm Shields, Lysianne Thomas
  • Women on the Brink – (National Theatre of Timisoara, Romania) Daniela Popa, Daniela Ratiu, Catalin Ioan Ursu, Laura Vieru; (Imago Theatre, Montreal, Canada) Catherine Bourgeois, Margie Gillis, Clare Schapiro; (Stellar Quines) Judith Adams, Clare Duffy, Alexandra Mathie, Muriel Romanes, Tracey Wilkinson


  • 7 December – Presentation of work-in-progress The Gallery at the Hawthornden Lecture Theatre at the National Galleries of Scotland on the Mound. Directed by Andi Ross.
  • Rehearsed reading of Baby Baby. Directed by Jemima Levick. In collaboration with Perissology Theatre Productions.
  • 8 December – Rehearsed reading of The Girl Who Insisted She Wasn’t. Directed by Jemima Levick.
  • 9 December – Rehearsed reading of Women on the Brink. Directed by Muriel Romanes and Catherine Bourgeois.


The Gallery, inspired by ‘The Tourists‘ by Duane Hanson
A presentation of this work-in-progress, allowing the audience to witness the development of a new cross-artform project that combines visual and performing arts.

Baby Baby
Playwright Vivian French researched Baby Baby (originally written by French as a teen novel and later adapted) when working with a group of girls at a unit for young mothers in Bristol on a writing project. They talked about their experiences, emotions, discoveries and feelings before and after, as they entered motherhood aged 16 or even younger.

The Girl Who Insisted She Wasn’t
Serafina’s sudden return to her family’s Fijian village causes outrage and fierce gossip. She and Priti, an old Indian woman, console one another with friendship and stories that transcend the racial tensions of the military coup. But with time, the boundaries between myth, magic and reality are blurred, with tragic consequences. Previously read as part of Rehearsal Room 9 in 2005, this first play was commissioned by Stellar Quines.

Women on the Brink
This international collaboration brought together creative teams from the National Theatre of Timisoara – Romania, Imago Theatre Company Montreal – Canada, and Stellar Quines, as they developed ideas for a three-year project exploring the vast canvas of depression through individual testimonies, research and brainstorming.

Future Productions

Stellar Quines Theatre Company and Perissology Theatre Productions in association with Shetland Arts produced Baby Baby early in 2009.