Rehearsal Room Number 10

19-21 January 2006
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh & Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Rukulibam by Helen Kruger, Game Theory by Pamela Carter and Selma Dimitrijevic, The Girls of Slender Means adapted by Judith Adams


  • Rukulibam – Eileen McCallum, Sandy Neilson
  • Game Theory – Pauline Goldsmith, Barrie Hunter, Chris Ryman
  • The Girls of Slender Means – Romana Abercromby, Natalie Bennett, Candida Benson, Simon Coury, Jennifer Davidson, Pauline Lockhart, Alexandra Mathie, Eilidh Macdonald, Eileen McCallum, Luisa Prosser, Gareth Thomas, Nick Underwood


  • 19 January – Rehearsed reading of Rukulibam. Directed by Rosie Kellagher.
  • 20 January – Rehearsed reading of Game Theory. Directed by Pamela Carter.
  • 21 January – Rehearsed reading of The Girls of Slender Means. Directed by Muriel Romanes.


Rehearsal Room 10 marked the 10th anniversary of Stellar Quines’ successful platform for showcasing new plays.

Judith Adams’ adaptation of The Girls of Slender Means by Dame Muriel Spark was previously read as part of Rehearsal Room 8 in 2004. The play is set in the May of Teck Club in Knightsbridge between VE and VJ day, 1945. The Club is a hostel for the pecuniary convenience and social protection of young women obliged to work in London, and the men passing through its doors are transported by the lives of these ravishing creatures. Poised on the edge of a defining moment in 1945, the community of young women in bomb-damaged London is living in extraordinary times.

Game Theory by Pamela Carter and Selma Dimitrijevic is inspired by a branch of mathematics and explores the competition, gamesmanship and strategies that underlie informal transactions between groups or individuals in everyday and extraordinary situations.

Rukulibam is a play about memory, loss and the agony of the Holocaust. Tim, a World War II veteran, and Milina, a survivor of a concentration camp, meet on a train on their way back to Belsen in 1995 for the 50th anniversary of the end of the war.

Future Productions

The Girls of Slender Means was co-produced by Stellar Quines and Assembly Theatre in the summer of 2009.