Rehearsal Room Number 08

3-6 November 2004
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Folie à Trois by Sarah Wooley, i Speak as Will hear me by Eliza Langland, Silk adapted by Sally Hobson, The Girls of Slender Means adapted by Judith Adams, The Unconquered by Torben Betts


  • Folie à Trois – Eileen McCallum, Myra Mcfadyen, Sandra McNeeley, Chris Young
  • Silk – Julie Brown, Pauline Lockhart, Bill Rogue, Nick Underwood
  • i Speak as Will hear me – David Goodall, Alistair Richie, Hamish Wilson, Sybil Wintrope
  • The Girls of Slender Means – Natalie Bennett, Candida Benson, Eleanor Bird, Simon Coury, Jennifer Davidson, Helena du Toit, Kachina Häggström, Jamie Lee, Thea Lewis, Pauline Lockhart, Shauna Macdonald, Eileen McCallum, Myra Mcfadyen, Louisa Prosser
  • The Unconquered – Andrew Dallmeyer, Lesley Hart, Jamie Lee, Joanna Tope


  • 3 November – Rehearsed reading of Folie à Trois. Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane, in collaboration with BBC Radio 4.
  • 4 November – Rehearsed reading of i Speak as Will hear me. Directed by Eliza Langland and David Goodall, multimedia collaborator. Rehearsed reading of Silk. Directed by Sally Hobson.
  • 5 November – Rehearsed reading of The Girls of Slender Means. Directed by Muriel Romanes and Jemima Levick, in creative collaboration with 59 Ltd.
  • 6 November – Showcase of a two-week workshop with Oleg Kisseliov of French Canadian company Les Créations Diving Horse, performing The Unconquered. Directed by Muriel Romanes.

Between Rehearsal Rooms 8 and 9 Stellar Quines produced a one-off evening of cabaret celebrating past successes and thanking supporters and associates. Kabaret was directed by John Ramage with music by Hilary Brooks, and starred Una McLean and Jennifer Rhodes. The evening also included an auction of Stellar Quines set, costumes and props from previous productions.


Folie à Trois pictures three women living together in an ordinary suburban street in the West of Scotland. After a chance encounter with a street evangelist, the three decide to make a suicide pact rather than face the 21st century and the threat of imminent apocalypse. But how will they do it and what happens if one of them changes her mind?

i Speak as Will hear me is a project taking academic research on Mary Queen of Scots and William Shakespeare and giving it to actors and audience, live and interactive, with actual documents and research material.

Silk is a tale about the paradox of human love and suffering. Adapted from Alessandro Barrico’s novella the play tells us about the desire that drives Herve Joncours towards unconquerable love. His travels during the 1860s take him to faraway places in the world and within himself.

The Girls of Slender Means is set in the May of Teck Club in Knightsbridge between VE and VJ day, 1945. The Club is a hostel for the pecuniary convenience and social protection of young women obliged to work in London, and the men passing through its doors are transported by the lives of these ravishing creatures. Poised on the edge of a defining moment in 1945, the community of young women in bomb-damaged London is living in extraordinary times.

The Unconquered by Torben Betts was performed as the culmination of a two-week workshop (25 October – 6 November 2004) with Oleg Kisseliov of French Canadian company Les Créations Diving Horse. The workshops applied Oleg Kisseliov’s ‘creative impulse’ technique. The Unconquered is a meditation on the self’s struggle against the authoritarian state, on the meaning of community and revolution, and stars a fiercely intelligent young schoolgirl who has barricaded herself away from a political and cultural system that she despises.

Future Productions

The Girls of Slender Means was co-produced by Stellar Quines and Assembly Theatre in the summer of 2009.

The Unconquered was produced by Stellar Quines in spring 2007 and remounted in spring 2008 for a second tour, which culminated in a run as part of 59E59 Theaters’ ‘Brits off Broadway’ Festival in New York.