Rehearsal Room Number 06

14-15 June, 2002
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden by Judith Adams, Salt by Peta Murray, De Montfort by Joanna Baillie


  • Sweet Fanny Adams: Eliza Gilchrist, John Kielty, Pauline Lockhart, Alexandra Mathie, Eileen McCallum, Mark Pencak, Ralph Riach, Billy Riddoch, Wendy Seager
  • Salt: John Kielty, Eileen McCallum, Wendy Seager
  • De Montfort: John Kielty, Crawford Logan, James Mackenzie, Eileen McCallum, Wendy Seager


  • 14 June – Workshops, improvisation, poetry and storytelling around Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden.
  • 15 June – Extracts read from Salt.
  • 16 June – Extracts presented from De Montfort.


Following further script development as a response to feedback during Rehearsal Room 5, Sweet Fanny Adams was the subject of another weekend of public readings/workshops. Seven actors, two puppeteers/illusionists, designers and video installation collaborated with sections of Judith Adams’ text alongside several high profile gardeners, collectors and garden managers.

Salt is a play with a domestic setting and features a mother and daughter in the kitchen together, one a culinary genius and the other an expert with a can opener. 70-year-old Laurel moves in with her daughter Meg after her kitchen burns down, stirring up memories and old wounds from a difficult past.

De Montfort is 19th century playwright Joanna Baillie’s most famous tragedy. Her plays stand at the crossroads of the Scottish Enlightenment and early Romanticism, engaging with the emerging issue of women’s rights.

Future Productions

Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden was produced by Stellar Quines in the summer of 2003, supported by the Scottish Arts Council and Arts Council England for performance in the Scottish Plant Collectors’ Garden, Pitlochry.