Rehearsal Room Number 05

14-15 September, 2001
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Wit by Margaret Edson, Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden by Judith Adams


  • 14 September – Rehearsed reading of Wit.
  • 15 September – Presentation of fragments and ideas of work in progress towards the site-specific project Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden followed by discussions with the writer, director and actors.


Wit is about academic Vivian Bearing’s quest to discover her true self while living with cancer, reconciling her brilliant mind with her fragile body.

Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden by Judith Adams is a fairy tale with characters based on real-life adventurers, travellers and gardeners in which a world of storytelling, magic, technology, illusion and poetry collide.

Future Productions

Wit was produced by Stellar Quines in the spring of 2003 thanks to the award of fixed-term touring funding. Alexandra Mathie was awarded the Critics Award For Theatre in Scotland for Best Actress for her role as Vivian Bearing.

Sweet Fanny Adams was substantially reworked during the workshop, the results of which were presented and debated with an evening audience. The play was the subject of further script development in Rehearsal Room 6, which took place at the Traverse Theatre in June 2002. It went on to be produced by Stellar Quines as a promenade production in the summer of 2003, supported by the Scottish Arts Council and Arts Council England for performance in the Scottish Plant Collectors’ Garden, Pitlochry.