Rehearsal Room Number 02

23 September, 1998
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Deep Rising by Janet Paisley

Creative Team

  • Director: Lynn Bains


  • James Bryce, Kay Gallie, Susie Kane, Eliza Langlands, Graham McTavish, Michael Nardoni, Terry Wale, Gail Watson, Tracey Wiles


  • 23 September – Public reading of Deep Rising followed by a discussion with writer Janet Paisley, director Lynn Bains and the actors.

During the week Stellar Quines also worked on Dilys Rose’s Learning the Paso Doble (previously called The Mother and read as part of Rehearsal Room 01 in 1997).


Janet Paisley’s new play for 12 actors, Deep Rising, was jointly commissioned by Stellar Quines and Pitlochry Festival Theatre. Set in 1745, and inspired by the true story of Colonel Anne Farquharson, the play explores politics, power and loyalty.