Muse Not Maker is a collaborative project for Make Do & Mend devised by illustrator Alice Dansey-Wright and designer/maker Soizig Carey, responding to themes of archetypes in art, art & feminism, art & design crossover, accessibility, female status in art, muse not maker, and activism in art. It is a collection of wearable art, set design and provocations, readings and performances, commenting on the status of women in art. Muse Not Maker invites open and playful collaboration in art and design by, for and with women.

Alice Dansey-Wright is an artist and designer based in Glasgow. Accessibility and empowerment are key themes in Alice’s work, inspired by textile design, symbology and folk art/craft traditions. Graduating from GSA’s Environmental Art programme in 2004, she now works across Scotland and beyond delivering public and community focussed art projects, large scale painting and murals and a number of collaborative design commissions and projects with other artists and makers. Alice has also recently become a mother to two identical baby girls.

Soizig Carey is a designer maker based in Glasgow, specialising in contemporary handmade jewellery and objects. Soizig is committed to ethical making, and creating work that can be worn or serve as meaningful and playful objects, integrating traditional and modern craft techniques. She is an educator and co director of O-PiN , working with groups from primary to graduate level with a focus on play and craft. She also works in arts and cultural development for the refugee sector, pursuing empowerment and rights for refugees in Scotland through arts and activism.

Muse Not Maker will be take place at From Her, To Her, South Block, Glasgow, 28 November 2018, as part of a series of events by Terra Incognita.