Rosa Duncan and Rebecca Sweeney will undertake a research and development week for a new play. Their project for Make Do & Mend intends to explore the gendered experiences of patients within mainstream medicine. They will ask how the language associated with invisible illnesses (particularly those of women) affects the treatment processes and the quality of life. They want to use theatrical device to communicate experiences that remain immeasurable, internal – how much women’s experiences have changed and how different yet they could be with the shaping of language.

TwentySomething are an all-women led theatre company based in Edinburgh. Their work puts women’s voices at the forefront of stories.

Rebecca Sweeney headshotWriter Rebecca Sweeney recently won critical acclaim for Squall (dir. Audura Oneshile), as part of the Traverse Theatre’s Youthquake Breakfast Plays, 2018.

Rosa Duncan

Rosa Duncan is a director based in Glasgow. She is currently working with Imaginate as a Launchpad Artist, exploring creating visually engaging and fun socio-political work for 3-7 year olds. Rosa is the Associate Director on the upcoming production of Morna Young’s Lost at Sea, (Perth Theatre).