Lilian Ptacek portrait in studio

Unruly Methods is an investigation into how clothing has been used by women as a form of political activism to challenge the patriarchy and advance women’s rights. Artists Lilian Ptáček and Poppy Nash will research activist clothing from key moments of the discourse on gender equality, from the Suffragettes to today.

In response to this research they plan to make a series of screen- printed costumes to be exhibited at Kinning Park Complex. They will run screenprinting workshops at Kinning Park Complex, inviting women participants to reflect on the challenges and opportunities to be met by women in Scotland today. Their perspectives, ideas and suggestions will be woven into the weft and warp of the project.

Lilian Ptáček is a visual artist based in Glasgow, where she graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2014. Materiality and process drive the production of her practice with a focus on the image as a ready-made material for manipulation. She works intuitively with printmaking and casting to form collages in both image and installation. Lilian has exhibited both locally and internationally in group exhibitions and currently works as an Arts Educator with the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, East Renfrewshire Council and The Lyceum.

Poppy Nash is a designer living and working in Glasgow, she imprints her concepts onto cloth and clothing. She is interested in how art, design and everyday objects can be used as a tool to discuss social issues. Poppy has been heavily involved within the Disability arts movement and currently works as an on-going Youth Consultant for Glasgow based theatre company, Birds of Paradise.