Theatre maker Alice Mary Cooper will write and create her debut podcast focused on the herstory of two incredible but forgotten women. Utilising research and stories Alice uncovered in 2015 while making The Box (a piece of social history theatre), she will make a programme centred on the fascinating stories of early twentieth century Dundonians Lady Edith Baxter and Annie Keir Lamont.

Alice has been busy in creating her podcast, shoreside in glorious Fife working with her collaborator, Daniel Padden. Alice has received support from Quine, Marilyn Imrie, who has previously served as chair of our Board.







Alice Mary Cooper is a theatre maker, actor and clown (Waves, The Bean Counter, Puffin) originally from Sydney, Australia.  She makes performances for all ages that are highly physical with a strong character focus. She is passionate about sustainability and creating work that has the environment at its heart.