Make Do & Mend offers artists a chance to develop an idea, based around a theme that invites an opportunity to consider the position of women and girls living in Scotland today.

The project title, Make Do & Mend, is derived from a World War II pamphlet that encouraged women to be frugal and stylish. This fund exists to see what artists can achieve with limited resources – a contemporary take on the wartime slogan.

Since the project’s launch in 2018, we have awarded 10 artists seed funding to develop a new work that responds to different themes and provocations.

Keep an eye on this page for future Make Do & Mend opportunities. In the meantime, scroll down to read about the previous artists supported by the project.

Mini Make Do & Mend 2020

This Mini Make Do & Mend offers an opportunity for artists to create something amazing in response to the theme of transformation that they would not otherwise have the chance to develop.

Aimed at emerging artists, it is part of a series of Stellar Quines COVID-19 response activities. We recognise that, whilst the pandemic has had huge impacts and affected everyone in different complex ways, artists who are newer to the industry have fewer opportunities than before.

There was a great response to this call out and the panel were impressed by the variety of creative and intriguing ideas submitted. We received proposals from artists working in a variety of forms and genres, including theatre, set design, spoken word and dance.

The selected artists and projects are:

  • Interabang – Lead Artists: Rachel Flynn (Co-writer/producer) and Mia Oudeh (Actor/Co-Writer); with Ryan Dewar (Director/Editor) – Said The Dove To The Olive Tree 
  • Kathryn Weaving – New performance architectures: creating alternative performance spaces by combining textiles and environment 
  • Mhairi McCall – Weight (working title) 
  • Niamh O’Loughlin – A Changeling Wife. 
  • Róisín Sheridan-Bryson – Making Sharon Fruit (working title) 
  • Sophia McLean – BoomTown 

These artists are currently working on their projects and we hope to share updates as they progress. Find out more about their projects.

Made Do & Mend 2019 by Stellar Quines and Birds of Paradise

Stellar Quines collaborated with Birds of Paradise (BOP) on this round of Make Do & Mend. The aim of this collaboration was to create a unique opportunity for artists to create something amazing that they would not otherwise have the chance to develop.

Motherhood: what is the connection between mother and child?

The bond between a mother and their child is unlike any other – but it is often a complex and tangled relationship. For this Make Do & Mend we invited artists to respond to this theme of motherhood and the connections involved. Artists did not need to be a mother or parent to apply.

It was a very competitive round and the panel were very impressed by the range of projects that were submitted. The chosen artists were announced in February 2020:

  • Robert Bennett (leader of project), Chloe Divers (project coordinator), Janice Barbour, Jorja Follina, Lesley Howard, Jourdan Walker (dancers)  – Dancing in the Dark
  • Emily and Cherrie Beaney Breaking the Fall
  • Heather Marshall, Creative Electric Medusa 2020
  • Jen McGregor Screech
  • Ruth Rankin (lead artist) and Naomi Stirrat (collaborator) – UnTangled

Find out more about each of the projects.

Make Do & Mend 2018 by Stellar Quines and Terra Incognita

In 2018, we had two provocations, one in response to women’s rights and another in partnership with Terra Incognita, in response to activism. The 2018 awardees were:

‘How have the rights of women changed since 1918 and what does the future hold?’

Mini Make Do & Mend in partnership with Glasgow based Terra Incognita:‘Campaigning women over the last century – what next?’

All creative teams for each Make Do & Mend project engage a minimum of 70% woman identifying participants which reflects our own commitment to gender balance.

Equalities Diversity and Inclusivity sits at the heart of Stellar Quine’s core values, as our ambitions to inspire excellence in women & girls are embraced by the organisation on every level. While women and girls remain our over-arching focus, Race/Ethnicity and Pregnancy & Maternity serve as cross cutting themes.