Watch our HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD artist prompts

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD is our new creative opportunity for young women aged 14 – 24 years.

We’re asking you to tell us what you think needs to change in the world and how you want it to happen. Every Friday for 5 weeks, we’ll post a video prompt by a guest artist sharing ideas and insights to help you get your creativity on the page.

You’re invited to watch the video prompt and send us a written or illustrated response relating to the overall theme, HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

3 pieces will be chosen each week and will be included in a HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD zine, released on 8th March (International Women’s Day). The writers and illustrators of these responses will each receive a £30 book voucher.

Come back to this page every week to see a new video prompt.

Prompt 1

How would you respond creatively to this video prompt by screenwriter, director and storyteller Raisah Ahmed thinking about kindness and caring in online spaces?

Deadline for responses to prompt 1: Friday 5th February

Prompt 2

Playwright, dramaturg and drag performer Nelly Kelly has provided this week’s artist prompt, encouraging you to take up space in your work.

Deadline for responses to prompt 2: Friday 12th February

Prompt 3

Our third prompt comes from illustrator Eilidh Muldoon who is asking you to create images inspired by the word ‘CONNECT’.

Deadline for responses to prompt 3: Friday 19th February

Prompt 4

Prompt 4 is by writer Joana Avi-Lori, asking you to write about what bit of the world you would choose to save.

Deadline for responses to prompt 4: Friday 26th February

Prompt 5

Our fifth and final prompt comes from poet and performer Courtney Stoddart exploring the idea of speaking your truth.

Deadline for responses to prompt 5: Friday 5th March

Submit your response in a word document format, or JPEG for illustrations, to Remember to include:

  • Your name
  • Contact information (email address will do)
  • Your age

For more information visit our HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD blog post.

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