Meet our M*****classes: Production Management participants

Our most recent set of M*****classes focused on the area of Production Management. We were impressed by all the applications we received from women at various levels in their careers. The successful applicants took part in a series of Zoom workshops in late November designed by Fi Fraser, one of Scotland’s leading Production Managers. Workshops demonstrated and combined the techniques and processes that are key to a Production Manager’s work.

Read about our Masterclasses: Production Management participants and why they applied for the opportunity:

Alma Lindenhovius

Since I graduated as Stage manager from Edinburgh Stage management School in 2015, I have worked for a variety of festivals and companies in different roles. My main experience is in stage management but, amongst other roles, I have had the chance to work as production manager for small scale productions. In these jobs I have felt the lack of production skills, technical knowledge and experience. This opportunity seems the right place to expand those skills and ask questions in a safe and supported environment without having the pressure of being on a production or feeling anybody is expecting you to know everything.

Cynthia WS Cheung

I am at an early stage level in stage and production management and have freelance experience in small production in theatre and dance. This opportunity would help me to increase my skills and confidence to work as a professional worker. I come from Hong Kong and settled down in Edinburgh for two years. As a newcomer, I would like to gain more professional networks, so it would be a great opportunity to widen my networks to work in Scotland and increase my professional working portfolio.

Gemma Smith

I have worked as a stage manager for many years now and this seems a perfect opportunity to gain more experience and build on my knowledge of production management as I think about moving my career forward. I have some experience in production managing but there are certainly holes in my understanding and experience. M*****classes would help me build my skills and confidence within the role.

Judy Stewart

I’d seen the other M*****classes advertised and loved the concept though was shocked by the low numbers of women in these roles. But then I thought, I’ve never gone for roles like them so I’m part of the problem, and therefore the solution. I’ve never thought I’d be a particularly good production manager but I’ve worked with a lot of men who aren’t particularly good at it either and they don’t let that stop them.

Katie Innes

I believe that training and developing your skills and confidence is important throughout your career, and so an exciting series of workshops such as this is an invaluable way to do so. I trained more specifically in set design, and so improving my production management knowledge and skills will not only help in my current role, but create more opportunities working in the industry.

Katy Steele

I have been working as a Touring Stage Manager in Scotland for the past five years. Inspired by female Production Managers with whom I have worked closely over that time, I would like to push my skills and career path to become a key player in the ever developing Scottish Theatre Sector. Helping to realise the visions of creative teams has always given me enormous satisfaction, and production management would be a logical and exciting progression for me.

Rose Sharkey

This opportunity greatly appeals to me as I am an aspiring production manager looking for guidance and mentorship in this career field. I am in my fourth year of Theatre Studies and a huge part of my degree would have been work placement in my final year. I was accepted to work on a placement in production management but will not be able to due to the implications of Coronavirus. The opportunity to work with Stellar Quines Theatre Company in production management would allow me to gain the education I need in order to pursue my chosen career path.

M*****classes is an Artist Development scheme that aims to change the landscape of Creative Designers and Production roles in Scotland by addressing the lack of women* working in the field through a series of workshops. Since 2018, Stellar Quines has offered this unique training opportunity for women who have some experience or interest in the field on offer but require refreshment or up-skilling before presenting themselves as a viable candidate for these positions. There is no cost for those taking part as Stellar Quines covers the full cost of the project.

*women includes cis, trans and intersex women, as well as non-binary and gender non-conforming people who identify in a significant way as women, femme or female.

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