Mini Make Do & Mend artists announced

Stellar Quines is pleased to announce the six projects which have been selected to receive Mini Make Do & Mend seed funding. 

The successful artists and their projects are: 

  • Interabang – Lead Artists: Rachel Flynn (Co-writer/producer) and Mia Oudeh (Actor/Co-Writer); with Ryan Dewar (Director/Editor) – Said The Dove To The Olive Tree 
  • Kathryn Weaving – New performance architectures: creating alternative performance spaces by combining textiles and environment 
  • Mhairi McCall – Weight (working title) 
  • Niamh O’Loughlin – A Changeling Wife. 
  • Róisín Sheridan-Bryson – Making Sharon Fruit (working title) 
  • Sophia McLean – BoomTown 

The opportunity, part of our COVID-19 response, invited proposals from artists to explore and experiment on the theme of ‘transformation’. There was a great response to this call out and the panel were impressed by the variety of creative and intriguing ideas. Thank you to everyone who applied. 

Mini Make Do & Mend is part of Stellar Quine’s larger Make Do & Mend project. Since the project’s launch in 2018, we have awarded 10 artists seed funding to develop new works that respond to different themes and provocations. More information about the project and past projects is available on our Make Do & Mend webpage. 

Find out more about the Mini Make Do & Mend projects below. 

Said The Dove To The Olive Tree
Interabang: Rachel Flynn (Co-writer / producer); Mia Oudeh (Actor / Co-Writer); Ryan Dewar (Director / Editor)  
Artist location: Glasgow 
Said The Dove To The Olive Tree is a video love letter from the Scottish Palestinian community to their homeland, by actress Mia Oudeh. Palestine is often depicted in Western media by images of warfare, brutality and destruction, without understanding that this is a result of Zionist oppression of innocent Palestinian citizens. We want to celebrate the unseen beauty of Palestine in a retaliation of hope and love with stories of what it means to be Scottish and Palestinian. From Interabang Productions, emerging writer Rachel Flynn will work with Mia to create the piece, and the video presentation will be directed and edited by Ryan Alexander Dewar.

New performance architectures: creating alternative performance spaces by combining textiles and environment
Kathryn Weaving 
Artist location: Edinburgh / Glasgow 
This project will explore the ways that we can create, shape and design outdoor, temporary performance spaces using crafted textiles (knit, weaving, crochet and macrame) installed in found structures (e.g. trees). By creating four different spaces using textile installation, on four different themes, I will test the limitations and possibilities of these materials in creating architectures for performance. Through this development I hope to advance my own practice as a textile artist working within performance design, challenge the limited way in which we view these techniques, and create a new, exciting way of designing performance spaces in a post covid-19 Scotland.

Weight (working title)
Mhairi McCall 
Artist location: East Lothian 
Approaching 30, Mhairi is heavy. Weighed down by conflicting desires; to become the next big Joni Mitchell tribute, to immediately have seven children, to get to sleep before 2am. Weight is a new spoken word piece with original music, comedy and crap dancing which addresses:
  • How it feels as a woman to take up space.
  • What it means to a bisexual to be visible.
  • How a depressive adapts to contentment.

A Changeling Wife
Niamh O’Loughlin 
Artist location: Edinburgh
“One Friday night, in March 1895, Michael Cleary of Ballyvadlea, Ireland, set fire to his wife for refusing to eat a piece of toast.”* An exploration of the imagery of this tragic true story in which a woman was too stylish and independent for her husband, thus was deemed by him to be a fairy.
*quote from Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers by Sady Doyle.

Making Sharon Fruit (working title)
Róisín Sheridan-Bryson 
Artist location: Edinburgh / Dublin
This project is a proposal to develop online workshops on the use of comedy and alter ego in autobiographical theatre performance. The name Making Sharon Fruit comes from my undergraduate dissertation and the project aims to use comedy and the creation of alter egos to present autobiographical content in performance. In a nutshell, it’s an opportunity to poke fun at an otherwise often difficult way of making theatre.

Sophia McLean 
Artist location: Aberdeen 
In the 1970s, Texan Oil Barons landed on the grassy airstrip at Aberdeen Airport wearing stetsons, cowboy boots and rolls of cash intruding out of their back pockets. They wanted to explore the North Sea for Oil. Only expected to last a year, the city boomed and brought unseen prosperity for many but at a price. 40 years later, the party was over…
Boomtown explores the positive and negative transformation the Oil & Gas industry brought to the North-East of Scotland.