NTS Scenes for Survival launches with Fibres extract

National Theatre of Scotland’s Scenes for Survival launched last night with an extract from Fibres by Frances Poet.

The short film A Mug’s Game was directed by Louise Shephard and featured Jonathan Watson performing a monologue from Fibres, a co-production by Stellar Quines and Citizen’s Theatre which toured in 2019.

A Mug’s Game was the first of six films to be screened online for the launch of Scene’s for Survival. You can watch it below, on National Theatre of Scotland website and on the BBC website.

Fibres centred on the generations knowingly exposed to deadly asbestos over years working in the Glasgow shipyards, and the tragic impact left on them and their loved ones. The play is a bittersweet comedy infused with Glaswegian resilience and wit. The production was supported by Action on Asbestos, Scotland’s leading asbestos – industrial injury and disease charity.

Scenes for Survival will feature over 40 short digital artworks, created by leading Scottish performers, writers and directors. All working remotely from their personal spaces of isolation, celebrating the brilliance of Scottish theatre.

Produced by National Theatre of Scotland in association with BBC Scotland, Screen Scotland, BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project and Scotland’s leading theatre venues and companies, with support from Hopscotch Films.