Quines Writes will bring together YWCA Scotland – The Young Women’s Movement, The Feminist FringeThe List and Stellar Quines in order to tackle the gender imbalance in writing about theatre. 

Though much of the dialogue around gender equality in British theatre has centred upon the imbalance on stage – with only 35% of roles performed by women, and a mere 30% of work written by women – less well-known is the paucity of women’s voices in the world of theatre criticism* Such a dramatic disparity in the way theatre is understood, interpreted and communicated has led to a systemic prejudice against certain experiences and issues grounded in gender, and thus are often overlooked in mainstream theatrical writing. Yet a diversity of experience, background and language is necessary to the foundation of a strong, vibrant critical discourse – and moreover, is vital to engaging wider audiences and theatre-makers. (The List, 2019) *

We will explore the outpourings of digital offers being made by theatres, theatre makers and artists, to allow a group of young women the opportunity to interview creatives, produce reviews, and see their words shared in one of the UK’s most popular arts magazines online – The List.

Over six weeks, Quines Writes will given six participants the opportunity to develop  new skills from professional development with journalists and critics. As part of the programme, participants will write one full length review and interview, alongside five shorter reviews, to be released every week on The List’s website.

We welcome applications from young womxn (15 – 25yrs), from anywhere in the UK.

Don’t worry if your application is unsuccessful this time – we hope to create a larger ongoing writing opportunity for women through August, celebrating and exploring the work being made and shared in the absence of the Edinburgh Festivals.

What do I have to do?

Send Stellar Quines a short email, between 1 – 700 words, about why you are interested in the project and what you are hoping to get out of the opportunity. Perhaps you have found that you’re able to engage with theatre in new ways digitally, or you’ve ambitions of working within theatre one day – give us a snapshot of your passions and interests. If chosen applicants must commit to writing one review a week from May 25, for six weeks.

What kind of thing are you looking for?

We’re looking for young passionate womxn who are excited talking about, seeing and exploring theatre and sharing their experiences and passion.

I’ve never written theatre reviews or interviews before, can I apply?

Yes absolutely. We would love to hear from young women who have never written about theatre before.

When is the deadline?

Wednesday 20th May at noon.

How do I submit?

Send Stellar Quines a short email, between 1 – 700 words, about why you are interested in the project as well as information on:

Alternatively you can send an audio recording to the email address. Don’t worry about the quality of your audio recording. We’re interested in what you’re saying, not how you’re saying it.

What happens once I submit?

Rosie from Stellar Quines will read all the applications and get back to everyone who applied. The successful writers will begin writing w/c May 25th.

Any questions?

You can contact our Creative Learning Associate Rosie by email on

*Research by Loughborough University identified only 10% of theatre critics in England were women and, whilst the landscape in Scotland was more positive in 2019, only 3/10 freelance theatre reviewers for ‘Fest Magazine’, ‘The List’ and ‘The Skinny’ were women.