Opportunity: Quines Write

Stellar Quines are excited to announce a new project inspired by our previous work exploring the gender imbalance in theatre writing. Working in collaboration with YWMC (Young Women’s Movement), The Feminist Fringe, The List, Storytelling PR and The Lyceum, Stellar Quines will endeavour to get more womxn’s voices represented in writing for theatre during the Edinburgh Festival period in August.

As The List have previously highlighted: Though much of the dialogue around gender equality in British theatre has centred upon the imbalance on stage – with only 35% of roles performed by women, and a mere 30% of work written by women – less well-known is the paucity of women’s voices in the world of theatre criticism, with only 30% of writers and reviewers of theatre identifying as women. Such a dramatic disparity in the way theatre is understood, interpreted and communicated has led to a systemic prejudice against certain experiences and issues grounded in gender, and thus are often overlooked in mainstream theatrical writing. Yet a diversity of experience, background and language is necessary to the foundation of a strong, vibrant critical discourse – and moreover, is vital to engaging wider audiences and theatre-makers.

The project will offer womxn the opportunity to meet with The List editor, Arusa Qureshi, and learn from her extensive experience of arts writing and editing. There will be opportunities to explore shows, meet creatives, writers, directors and cast members as well as interview them and have reviews printed in a double page spread of The List during August, with a regular digital audience of 2.2 million unique users, this is a brilliant opportunity to have your voice heard on a huge platform.

Working with The Feminist Fringe, Stellar Quines will also be offering one writer the opportunity to be a ‘writer in resident’ having their reviews of, specifically feminist, shows shared online throughout the festival. Storytelling PR will be offering all writers the opportunity to meet with them to explore their busy office during one of the most exciting and energetic times of year, whilst also providing writers with unique opportunities to experience work and meet artists during Summerhall’s exciting 10 year anniversary. Whilst The Lyceum will be giving unique access to some of the festival’s biggest performances of the year.

If you are interested in this unique and exciting opportunity then please send our creative learning associate, Rosie, an email detailing what you would hope to gain from the experience to: rosie@stellarquines.co.uk