M*****classes 2020: LIGHTING DESIGN

M*****Class participants

We’re delighted to announce our new M*****class: Lighting Design cohort for 2020 who gathered for the first time at the Traverse Theatre last weekend.

Find out a little more about each of this year’s participants:

Alice McDougall
Out of all of the backstage disciplines, lighting design is definitely the one that interests me the most, and one that I find so creative and exciting. However, I am aware that this area is, in general, very male dominated, even though the course I am on is almost a fifty-fifty split. To learn from other women in this line of work is an amazing opportunity to learn how they managed to achieve their first steps into the industry, what challenges there might be and what helps maintain their enthusiasm and drive.

Emily Crawford
I have always had an interest in lighting design and how all it all works. I currently study a HNC Technical Theatre course at Ayrshire College and my main goal is to learn as much on lighting as I can and progress to HND retaining and expanding my knowledge to be qualified enough for employment or potentially freelance work.

Isabel Rodriguez Lorenzo
This course appeals to me as a natural and desirable step in my career development after the HND at Technical Theatre I just finished last July. It seems like a beautifully tailored course that includes many aspects I want to grow my knowledge in.

I think the whole experience will put me closer to where I professionally want to be.
On the personal level, it will be a privilege to me to be part of this experience that I consider incredibly valuable and a great contribution to women inside theatre industry.

Laura Hawkins
I left college after studying Lighting Design but I think this is the first lighting design specific professional development opportunity I’ve seen. There are some amazing speakers and workshops in the programme that would be brilliant to participate in. And it’s in Scotland! It feels quite rare that there’s programmes run up here that caters towards the creative which makes it even more appealing.

Laura Laria Iglesias
This opportunity has come at a perfect time for my professional career. I have been working mainly as crew and as event technician since 2017. However, I would like to redirect my career to a more artistic horizon, combining it with the skills I have already gained. Even though I really like the technical knowledge of this industry, I miss the magic and the inspiration of the theatre and the creation process. I believe the opportunity to assist to these classes will give me the chance to meet more women who are or who have been in my situation, helping me to learn and to experience new paths.

Lisa Kirk
This appeals to me as I would love to develop my lighting design skill outside of my college course and the theatre and getting to design in different theatres and with different desks and software to get me out of my comfort zone.

Michaella Fee
I have been working as a freelance lighting technician and stage manager in Scotland for the past 10 years. During that time I have had some opportunities to create lighting designs. This is a field I would like to progress in and for it be become my main job. I also think this opportunity would give me the chance to build on the skills I have as well as learn some new ones. I would also really like to meet some women who share the same skills and experiences as myself.

Minttu Maari Mäntynen
I’m a cinematographer by profession. Having occasionally worked behind a camera in stage and theatre related projects I have dreamed for a while about being able to expand or even redirect my career into lighting the live performance too. This opportunity seems to offer a unique way to open that door.

Suzie Normand
Lighting has always been something that I have had an interest in. Having been put into the position of Stage Manager who relights many years ago, I have discovered that I look forward to the challenge of a relight. However, I know that there will be better ways to interpret a design. I am looking for new opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge. I am also interested to learn how to design a show from scratch and to understand the constraints of touring a design, when time and money does not allow as much creative freedom.