Today we are putting a call out for submissions for the fifth instalment of our creative writing series: Letters to… This time, Stellar Quines would like you to write a letter to your coven.

Coven’s come in many shapes and sizes: from friendship groups to matriarchal families. Perhaps your coven cackles over wine, or maybe it marches on the streets for equality – whatever form your coven takes, we want to hear your letters to it.

Letters can be from 1 word to 500 words for the fifth instalment of our Letters To… series where we select one letter, film it with a professional actor and share it with the world.

The deadline is Thursday 14th November at noon so get writing!

We had a tremendous response to our four previous call outs – please share this with anyone you know who might be interested. We welcome applications from people of any gender identity, from anywhere in the world.

What do I have to do?

Write a letter to your coven.
Write a letter designed to be read aloud, by one person.

What kind of thing are you looking for?

Your letter can take any style you like. You may want to keep things simple or making things sound more poetic. You may want to rant, or it may take the form of a love letter. The choice is yours.

For inspiration, click here to watch our latest film, Letters To… My Body Hair.

I’ve never written anything like this before, can I enter?

Yes absolutely. We would love to get letters from people who’ve never written before. Letters to… is open to everyone from anywhere.

When is the deadline?

Thursday 14th November at noon.

How do I submit?

Submit your letter in a word doc. or PDF format to, including information on:

Alternatively you can send an audio recording to the email address. Don’t worry about the quality of your performance. We’re interested in what you’re saying, not how you’re saying it.Or send a written letter to: Letters to…, Stellar Quines, 30B Grindlay Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AX.

What happens once I submit?

Jemima and Rosie from Stellar Quines will select one letter that we find particularly interesting or inspiring. We will email everyone who submitted to let you know if your letter has been selected or not. The letter will be performed by a professional actor, directed by Stellar Quines’ Artistic Director Jemima Levick and filmed. The film will be shared online (on Stellar Quines’ website and social media) in early December.

Any questions?

You can contact our creative Learning Associate Rosie by email on