Motherhood Special – Update

Stellar Quines are dedicated to making sure all of our engagement projects are explored and evaluated as best as possible, so for our ‘Motherhood Special’ project we asked one of the participants to tell us a little more about what a typical day looks like to her, and how our project fitted into her life. Here’s what Shannon had to say:

My name is Shannon Greer. I’m a twenty-year-old living in Edinburgh with my three-year-old son. For me a typical day is waking up to my bright cheery little man beside me, asking me if I slept well. Then it’s followed by serving breakfast of his choice and sticking the dreaded Peppa pig or Blippi on. Every morning without fail I look at him whilst his eyes are glued to the telly and wonder “how did I ever get so lucky?” Once he’s finished the next couple of hours pass by quickly as we spend time playing. Later we usually go out somewhere. To stepping stones, the park, the shops, visiting family members or going out for the whole day just us two or his personal favourite right now the ducks. Then the nighttime routine kicks in. I get him dressed in his cute pj’s, he brushes his teeth, runs into bed and then cries with glee for a story. He’s always fast asleep before the story is even finished. When he’s finally drifted away the three hours I have to myself start to tick by. Ninety per cent of the time I’m shattered. I feel like it’s impossible to drag myself off the couch but I always do. I clean everything that I couldn’t whilst he was awake and then I sit down with my laptop getting lost in my world as I write. But the three hours are gone quick like a click of a finger and it’s time to go to bed to rest for another busy day ahead. 

Being a mum to me is everything. The second my son came into my life, he changed it for the better and continues to do so. I love being a mum. I love seeing him every morning, making him his meals, teaching him new things, watching him play, helping him but most importantly I love watching him grow into the best little person possible. He makes being a mum amazing. I love him more than words could ever tell.

I recently completed a project with Stellar Quines. The project was exploring motherhood and what it meant to us. With this project I wrote two different monologues, “Living with a toddler” and “I’m not okay”. I’ve always just written books nothing else but since writing those monologues something inside me clicked and I realised that I can write other things that aren’t just chapters and it gave me the confidence to have my work read aloud something that I never allowed before. I feel like this project helped me a lot with my writing and figuring it out what I can do with my style of writing.