Motherhood Special – Stellar Quines and Stepping Stones Partnership

Stepping Stones is a voluntary organisation that provides support services to young parent families and pregnant women living in the North Edinburgh area. They aim to promote and support the social development and education of families with young children and Stellar Quines have been working with them for the past few months to explore what motherhood means to a group of young mothers who access Stepping Stones’ services.

Over the spring, we have been working to explore what motherhood means to the group, developing characters, monologues and stories based on their experiences. Providing the group with the opportunity to write, direct and perform in their own short films has been a brilliant experience for the group as well as for Stellar Quines.

We are dedicated to giving women everywhere a platform to share their voices, as we recognise there is a real need for better representation of experiences especially within theatre. Not only has this project given these young women the opportunity to be heard, but has provided the opportunity to explore themes of mental health, isolation and other hard hitting themes which are often difficult to tackle, through theatrical facilitation by Stellar Quines. It was clear that much of the group found it difficult to share their own stories on camera, but through working with professional actor, Josie Young, the group were able to have a certain degree of separation from the words and a certain level of anonymity they needed to feel comfortable in sharing their stories.

It is often the case that young mothers are represented in the media, and talked about, but rarely have the opportunity to share their true lived experiences. This project aimed to address some of these issues, as well as giving these young women ownership of an exciting creative endeavour. One of the films created by Regan from the group can be seen below, whilst the rest are available on our YouTube channel.