M*****classes 2018: Sound Design

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In Christine Hamilton’s report Where are the Women (2014/15) she identified that across Scottish publicly funded theatres women made up only 11% of composers, musical directors and sound designers.

For the first in our three-year M*****classes programme offering a unique training opportunity for women, we asked to hear from women who had experience in the field of music, who were looking to take that experience to the next level, explore the field further, learn professional processes, increase confidence and build practical skills. Ideal participants were working musicians or composers, sound engineers and sound designers with none or little theatre experience.

Sound Design M*****classes were aimed at developing long-term relationships and addressed practical applications of the job, provided face to face contact with professionals and networking opportunities as well as one to one and group mentoring from a professional sound designer. Sound Design M*****classes were supported by The Lyceum, Edinburgh and the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow.

Participants took part in workshops including:

March 23 & 24: Inhabiting the Space – workshops led by Helen Skiera & Carolyn Downing. Theatre event: Nora at Citizens Theatre

April 13 & 14: Sound in Theatre Conference at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland & Voice & Instrument Reinforcement Workshop. Theatre event: Local Hero at The Lyceum

May 25 & 26: Putting it all Together workshop led by Matt Padden & Kim Moore. Panel discussion with Scottish based Sound professionals. Theatre event: The Duchess of Malfi at Lyceum Theatre.

The 2018 M*****classes in Sound Design received a fantastic response with applications coming from women of all ages, places, experience, backgrounds and with different ambitions, skills and areas of focus.

The eight Scottish based sound designers, composers and musicians who came together for the series of workshops, talks and performances were Heather Andrews, Nerea Bello, Zoe Irvine, Fi Johnston, Alicia Matthews, Kim Moore, Beldina Odenyo and Patricia Panther.