NEW OPPORTUNITY – M*****classes Sound Design workshop announced today

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Stellar Quines are offering an exciting NEW Artist Development opportunity to gain hands on career experience in the role of sound design in theatre.

M*****classes are aimed at developing long-term relationships and will address practical applications of the job, provide face to face contact with professionals and networking opportunities as well as one to one and group mentoring from a professional sound designer.

This is a call out for applications to take part in a series of FREE workshops delivered in Spring 2019..

We want to hear from women who have experience in the field of music, who are looking to take that experience to the next level, explore the field further, learn professional processes, increase confidence and build practical skills. Ideal participants are working musicians or composers, sound engineers and sound designers with none or little theatre experience.

Jemima Levick, Artistic Director, Stellar Quines said:

“The Stellar Quines M*****class series was devised in direct response to Christine Hamilton’s brilliant piece of research ‘Where are the Women’. 

In highlighting the paucity of women in technically based Creative Design roles, I realised that in the 15 years I’ve been working as a director I knew very few women working professionally as sound, lighting or AV designers. In fact, I had only worked with 2 or 3 myself, and that it simply wasn’t good enough. 

It was simple, we had to stop talking about it and do something about it. If Stellar Quines is Scotland’s leading touring company to inspire excellence in women and girls – it was our job to take action. 

I wanted to create an opportunity that offered practical hands on experience, creatively and technically driven, and delivered by professionals who are working at the top of their game. I got talking to Matthew Padden (former Head of Sound at NTS) and he agreed to help devise a series of workshops.”

The dates of the workshops are: March 8: Introduction; March 23 & 24; April 13 & 14 & May 25 & 26

M*****classes are supported by The Lyceum, Edinburgh and Citizens Theatre, Edinburgh.

The opportunity is FREE and open to applications from individuals or pairings, be that emerging or mid-career, who identify as women including Trans and Intersex women, as well as non—binary and gender fluid people who identify in a significant way as women or female.

Submissions close on the 18th of February at 10am.

M*****classes Application Pack

M*****classes Application Form

Equalities Monitoring Form

 If you have any questions or require support in making your application, please contact Erin,

Equalities Diversity and Inclusivity sits at the heart of Stellar Quine’s core values, as our ambitions to inspire excellence in women & girls are embraced by the organisation on every level. While women and girls remain our over-arching focus, Race/Ethnicity and Pregnancy & Maternity serve as cross cutting themes.