Letters to… My Period film

Today we launch the second film in our creative writing series Letters to…where we ask for written responses to different topics. This time we asked for a ‘Letters to…my period’.

If you could write a letter to your period, what would you say? Would you tell it how great it is? Would you beg it to stop, or perhaps start? Or maybe you have some questions for it that you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else…?

We had a great response with over 30 submissions to the open call. The chosen letter, written by Kerri Clarence, summed up lots of experiences and feelings described in many of the submissions, from your first period to how your relationship with you period might change with age.

Watch this clip of the film.

Everyone has a period story, but we don’t often share them openly. We are delighted to launch our film on International Day of the Girl and we hope this encourages more people to tell their own stories.