Make Do & Mend – exciting new talent development opportunity announced today


Stellar Quines are offering a new talent development opportunity that aims to excite and inspire artists by encouraging ambition, bravery and experimentation in your creative enquiry. Each year we are offering at least five artists seed funding to develop a new work in any artform that responds to different themes and provocations.

The project title, Make Do & Mend, is derived from a World War II pamphlet that encouraged women to be frugal and stylish. We are offering this fund to see what artists can achieve with limited resources – a contemporary take on the wartime slogan.

This year there are two provocations to respond to, each offering very different outcomes:

  • Make Do & Mend offers a total of £8000, a maximum of £2000 per application to respond to the question, ‘How have the rights of women changed since 1918 and what does the future hold?’.
  • Make Do & Mend Application Pack
  • Mini Make Do & Mend is in partnership with Glasgow based Terra Incognita and offers a total of up to £1500 to respond to the question, ‘Campaigning women over the last century – what next?’.
  • Mini Make Do & Mend Application Pack

The projects are open to applications from individual artists or companies be that emerging or mid-career, who identify as any gender. We do ask that when engaging a creative team you are mindful of gender balance and reflect our own commitment to working with a minimum of 70% woman identifying participants. 

Equalities Diversity and Inclusivity sits at the heart of Stellar Quine’s core values, as our ambitions to inspire excellence in women & girls are embraced by the organisation on every level. While women and girls remain our over-arching focus, Race/Ethnicity and Pregnancy & Maternity serve as cross cutting themes.

If you have any questions or require support in making your application, please contact Erin,

Mini Make Do & Mend is in partnership with