CALL OUT FOR SUBMISSIONS – Letters to… My Period

Call out for submissions for the second in the series Letters to…

If you could write a letter to your period, what would you say? 

Would you tell it how great it is?

Would you beg it to stop? Or show up? 

Do you have some questions for it that you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else?

The cost of sanitary products and period poverty is a hot topic and the discussion has grown as to why women and girls feel they can’t talk openly about their period. Well, we’re going to change that right here.

Stellar Quines invite you to write a letter of maximum 1000 words for the second in our new quarterly writing opportunity, Letters To… We will select one letter, film it using a professional actor and then share it with the world.

Here’s Catherine to tell you more…

What do I have to do?

  • Write a letter to your period. Not about your period, but to it, like it’s a person.
  • Write a letter designed to be read aloud, by a single performer.

What kind of thing are you looking for? 

  • Your letter can be any style and cover any aspect of your period. It could be a rant, a confession, a love letter… just something that is honest and true to you.
  • For inspiration click here to watch our first film, Letter to…a woman who brings me hope in the dark

I’ve never written anything like this before, can I enter?

  • Yes absolutely. We would love to get letters from people who’ve never written before.
  • Letters to… is open to everyone from anywhere.

How long should it be?

  • It can be as short as you like and up to 1000 words.

When’s the deadline?

  • September 24th at 10am.

How do I submit?

NB submissions are now closed. Thank you for all your letters & watch this space!

  • submit your letter on our online form
  • Or send an audio recording to don’t worry about the quality of your performance. We’re interested in what you’re saying, not how you’re saying it.
  • Or send a written letter to: Letters to…, Stellar Quines, 30B Grindlay Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AX.

What happens once I submit?

  • Catherine and Jemima from Stellar Quines will select one letter that we find particularly interesting or inspiring.
  • We will email everyone who submitted to let you know if your letter has been selected or not.
  • The letter will be performed by a professional actor, directed by Stellar Quines’ Artistic Director Jemima Levick and filmed.
  • The film will be shared online (on Stellar Quines’ website and social media) in October 2018.
  • You can read the full submission terms here Letters to submission terms.

Can you give feedback on my letter?

  • No, we can’t unfortunately. We are a very small team and don’t have the capacity to offer feedback on individual texts.

Any questions? 

  • Please contact our Creative Learning Associate Catherine

We look forward to receiving your letters.

Here’s some menstruation inspiration

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Girl Guides call for end to period poverty

Hey Girls UK – Scottish charity calling for end to period poverty

Danielle Rowley MP talking periods in Houses of Parliament

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